• Designer and artist living in Birmingham, AL.

•  Available for illustration, graphic design, and website design.

• Art Director at Studio By The Tracks, a non-profit organization that provides art guidance and materials to adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other mental illnesses. 

• Instagram: @selfie_sticky

I use my art to explore humor and insecurity, as well as the assumptions and expectations we carry with us. I often meditate through tedious line work, make myself laugh with funny characters, and send messages with secret hieroglyphs. I hope the viewer is both provoked and entertained.

I use my design work to communicate clearly and efficiently with the audience of my clients. I employ elegance and humor to create designs that are more than just pleasant to look at - they're as useful as possible to my client. I believe developing a meaningful relationship with all of my clients. So if we work together, I'll know the names of all your pets by the end of our project.